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We Are Green Plains Bison: Glen Courtright

Hi, my name is Glen Courtright.

I spent my youth moving around California and rural Pennsylvania where I worked on farms and in orchards. I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force after High School where I spent five years in Southern Italy, where I worked with my landlord in his vineyard and his farm. After leaving Italy I was transferred to Offutt AFB, NE as a crew member on RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft. I earned my degree in electrical engineering and business attending night school while on active duty. Upon graduation I received a direct commission as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy achieving the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

After the Navy I had a very successful career as a systems engineer, developing advanced technology for aerospace, automotive, and energy industries. My most recent success was the founding and commercialization of “EnviroFlight, LLC”; a technology that uses insects (Black Soldier Fly Larvae) to convert commercial food waste into animal feed. I sold EnviroFlight in 2016 and split my time between consulting, mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs, and farming.

My marriage to Sarah in 2016 was the catalyst to focus more time on farming. Sarah has owned and operated The Victoria Green Plains Cabin Lodging continually since 2001. The property was historically used to pasture cattle and as a gravel quarry for the Columbus, Xenia and Little Miami Railroad in the 1800’s. All grazing operations ceased in the 1970’s and mother nature took over.

I spent six years eradicating nearly 70 acres of invasive plants and trees, remediating the abandoned quarry, rebuilding the soil, and establishing productive hay fields and wooded pastures. Today the property is home to the Green Plains Bison Ranch.

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