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 In 2021 Theodore Monnin and Glen Courtright of South Charleston, Ohio teamed up to create a unique kind of bison ranch; one that is focused on animal welfare, land stewardship, and exceptional product quality.  


Theodore founded Buckeye Bison in 2018.  He started with a herd of four bison on his family farm near London, OH.   Glen began reclaiming Green Plains Farm in 2016.  As of 2021, over 60 acres of invasive plants have been removed and replaced with lush pastures and restored wood lots.  



Green Plains Bison Ranch is located between South Charleston and Cedarville, Ohio.  It's on a glacial moraine and is comprised of lush pastures, well managed hay fields, and woodlands consisting of black walnut, hickory, oak, locust, and maple.  Our bison are on pasture their entire lives where they have access to shade, ample forage, minerals, and a constant supply of fresh, clean water.  


We employ a management practice called "regenerative agriculture". The bison are continually moved between open and wooded pastures.  In the winter months we unroll the hay across the pastures to ensure all animals get plenty to eat and most importantly spread nutrients and seed where it's most needed.  


We grow our own hay, manage our own pastures, buy grain from our neighbor, source calves from partner farms in Ohio, and process our animals at Ohio-owned, USDA inspected facilities.

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